About Me

I was keeping diary, prepare surveys, write poetry, draw cartoons and archive what I have found on those nice days when we do not have mobile phones, no social media.

My childhood hero was Galatasaray. Everything about Galatasaray; going to Galatasaray matches, becoming a member of Galatasaray Sports Club, going out to Galatasaray Island, taking pictures with players, becoming a sports writer, writing Galatasaray…

And travel all around the world…

At that age all those were dreams even beyond dream, it was impossible.

I grow up, I studied, I started work at an early age. I’m still working. I start to go to the matches. I’ve gone almost every match; in and out of İstanbul for years. I’m bit of tired now, I am choosing the matches now.

By the way, I become a member of Galatasaray FC

I voted for when it was decided to rent the Galatasaray Island.

I did not take too many pictures with the players. But beleive or not, some of them took pictures with me.

I made sports writers in Fotomac, Tercüman and Bugün newspapers.

I can not say that I have traveled all around the world but I see a lot of places. In fact, I could have seen more places, if I had not been a go-go 10 times to places where I like.

When the journeys become too many and started to forget, I decided to write blogs.

I traveled a bit with family, with lots of friends and much more alone…I writing about travels that I usually go to for vacation. I also go to language education. My match’s article, become a food trip mostly.

I keep a note for myself and I try to give clues to people who goes to that places.

So you’ll understand my website is my next generation diary. So, if I am a drag-language, I am sorry, its my sincere with myself….